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Puerto Rico from Upstate New York at 48

In 2022, I woke up. I was in good health with deep roots in upstate New York where I was born, raised, found recovery, community, a partner-husband and a profession that aloud me to help others. We had a beautiful home, friends, family and positive reputation in the community. There was Schenectady Pride, the park, the farm/hens and politics.
Yet something was off for me as we all started to come out of the COVID pandemic. I felt hopeless and stuck trying to fix something that couldn't be fixed, at least in my lifetime. After several episodes of some serious self-destructive behavior I found a life coach that helped me recognize that my identity is not my job/profession, my relationship does not dictate my future and my sadness/happiness is directly correlated with how well I listen to my inner-knowing. That's why I resigned my job, went to couples therapy and made a plan to live MY BEST LIFE.
Illuminated Stairs
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