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Today is not about being perfect, rather it's an opportunity for joy and growth.

San Juan, Puerto Rico



Project Development

I love a project, with or without an instruction manual. New projects take a great deal of time, thought and energy. Perhaps it's a new program, expansion or facilitation of a grant which has the potential to make a big impact. But you lack the people power to make it happen. Investing in project development services will help put your mind at ease with the reassurance that our work won't be complete until the job is done. Time-frames and benchmarks are encouraged.


Specializing in non-profit focused on behavioral health services. I can offer strategic consulting services for organizations, groups and businesses that have identified a goal or problem they want to achieve or overcome. There is no idea to grand or concept to big where progress can't be made. Breaking through real and perceived barriers is my specialty, along with challenging the existing conditions and getting creative on how to make a roadblock into an opportunity.


As a professional social worker with over a decade of direct practice experience I can help you get unstuck with professional coaching services. Whether it's a job, mid-life crisis, relationship, career move, bad habit you want to overcome or goal you want to achieve, working with a coach will help get you into action. The change you want to make, the goal you want to achieve, the passion you want to incorporate into your life can and will happen. The question is when? The answer is now. Make the next move and book a free Discovery Session today.


  • ​Transformational - Life Coaching

    • Prioritizing you / Connecting with passion
    • Self-discovery / Overcoming addictions
  • Program Development

    • Government/Foundation funded projects​

    • Team leadership / Roles / Responsibilities

    • Regulatory Compliance / Policy & Procedures

    • Meeting goals, deadlines and objectives

    • Data collection and reporting

  • Social Justice / Community / Event planning​

    • Logistics / Collaboration / Budgeting

    • Petitioning / Advocacy / Public Speaking



You have made it this far. Take the next step. Email, call, schedule a free session. Prepare to invest in your goal, passion, idea or project.

I promise you will be glad you did.




1607 Ponce de León

STE GM6 #488

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00909


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Life Coaching, Consultant & Project Development

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