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Winter is coming...

I’ll help you plan your perfect winter retreat/vaca

to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Let’s make it happen!


Personalized Service

Benefit from my Caribbean, beach city adventures. I can help you decide on the best place to stay, things to do and unique experiences you can have during your winter retreat/vaca. 
Take advantage of personalized service. You can also up-grade to in-person welcome & wellness packages.
Additional resources and support is available for travelers in the Recovery Community.

Recharge in paradise!


I know winters in the Northeast are long, cold and dark. Plan your winter retreat/vaca to San Juan, Puerto Rico and your soul will thank you!

Drop me a quick email, with your desired dates, preferences from chill to adventure. San Juan is an incredible, beautiful, diverse city with so much to do, see and experience. I can help you customize your experience. Get the biggest bang for your buck and when you head back home, you will feel re-charged!

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