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FreeWill Recovery

Want help?
Freedom to choose, when you’re ready. 

Life is a personal and unique experience, filled with challenges and opportunities. No one wants to grow up and be identified as a drug addict or alcoholic. Yet sometimes life's circumstances lead us to experiment and use alcohol and drugs. For some of us, the use can lead to problems with our families, legal issues, employment and housing. Not to mention the impact on our physical, mental and overall sense of wellbeing and zest for life.

At some point many of us come to a jumping off point where we realize that if we continue to use alcohol and/or drugs life is only going to get more difficult and might cost us our lives. It's at this juncture that we personally make the decision to look for outside help to turn our lives back around.

In many U.S. states this choice is taken from us when family members or 3rd party authority figures use court orders to force us into treatment when we are not ready. Although one can understand the desperation of a parent or spouse intent of saving our lives. This action can often lead to treatment experiences that exacerbate the problem and push individuals away from their own recovery path.

If you or someone you love is looking for FreeWill Recovery support and/or advocacy, reach out today. Your recovery is your decision. You can share your email contact information below and/or reach out directly to Chad Putman, MSW at (518) 225-0957 / / Instagram: chadputman75 / TikTok: @chadwick75


Reach out for help...

There is hope, I promise!

Chad Putman, MSW

You can book a Free Discovery Session on the Book Now tab above. Ongoing FreeWill Recovery support is offered on a sliding-scale based on ability to pay. Looking for free text or phone support today? (518) 225-0957

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