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Struggling with ChemSex?

Want help?
You are not alone.

ChemSex is part of the Gay, Bisexual and Men who have Sex (MSM) culture and too often what starts with a desire to feel good and have great sex can become a nightmare. I am not trying to scare you. I've seen it and it happened to me.

My ChemSex struggle started with a random hook-up on a popular dating app. After a while I got tired of sitting on the sidelines and one night in a hotel room I smoked Meth and took GHB for the first time. The sex and high lasted for 24 hours. Soon, I was paying for hotel rooms, having more anonymously sex and I was getting as high as a could. Nights, became weekends and weekends became months.

Eventually, I would shuffle back to my house, my husband and my other life. The same year I started with ChemSex I had also celebrated 25 years in recovery from a Substance Use Disorder. Despite everything I knew and my professional work in the addiction treatment and recovery field, I had dove headfirst into the ChemSex deep end.

Over the next ten months, I resigned my job, put a pause on my marriage and packed my bags. Desperate to avoid the impending tragedy, I got help. I was determined to turn my midlife crisis into my Midlife Opportunity.


Reach out for help...

There is hope, I promise!

Chad Putman, MSW

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